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The stories of First Place.

PBS NewsHour
Giving Adults with Autism Skills to Build Independent Lives

Before Josh, 36, arrived at First Place Transition Academy, he had never taken public transportation on his own, much less held down a paying job. But a new pilot program is empowering adults with autism to overcome hurdles to independence. Special correspondent John Donvan, co-author with Caren Zucker of “In a Different Key: The Story of Autism,” reports from Phoenix.

PBS NewsHour
How Phoenix Became the Most Autism-Friendly City

Matt Resnik has helped changed the face of autism in his hometown. When he was diagnosed as a child, his parents poured their hearts into getting him therapy – even launching an organization – in the hopes that he would outgrow his challenges and find his place as an independent adult in the world. Instead, they’ve helped shape the world around him. Special correspondent John Donvan reports.

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