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First Place Apartments

First Place to build an adult life.

Introducing Supportive Housing at First Place

Imagine creating—from the ground up—a residential concept for adults with autism and other neuro-diverse abilities. Consider the smallest details…then follow through with a plan for a new residential model that maximizes independence, community connections, personal enrichment and quality of life. 

Enter First Place

Located in the heart of Phoenix, the 56-unit First Place-Phoenix apartment property is designed to be community connected, transit oriented and sustained by a suite of amenities and supportive services. Opening spring 2018, applications will be accepted this summer.

Here, residents find the comforts of home without the distractions that can make life difficult. The environment is specially designed to promote safety and security. Residents may choose to live by themselves, with a roommate or with an aide/mentor.

The inclusion of Teach For America (TFA) alumni, Arizona State University (ASU) doctoral and postdoctoral fellows and medical residents is designed to promote neuro-diversity and engage fellows in the community through a variety of resident interactions and responsibilities. Most importantly, the mix of residents demonstrates that we learn from each other and can be good neighbors.

Learn more about the suite of amenities & services and the process for becoming an apartment resident at First Place-Phoenix.