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Passionate parents and family members. Business, government and business leaders. Compassionate donors. We have amazing volunteer and in-kind support, but we always need more.

How to Get Involved

First Place has three major volunteer groups:

  • Capital Campaign Cabinet
  • Advisory Board
  • Parent Coaching Group, called Lifelong Network for Community Support (LLNCS)

LLNCS (pronounced “links”) is recruiting volunteers to serve in various capacities, providing a forum for parents of adults with autism and neuro-diversities to connect and share various skills, backgrounds and experiences. Together, they aim to provide guidance in building safe, supportive communities for their adult children, whose independence and self-reliance have been a long-term goal—if not a dream.

LLNCS offers the opportunity for collaboration in a setting that builds trust, confidence and peace of mind among parents experiencing similar challenges.

Other areas where you can help:

  • Fundraising
  • Community development
  • Supportive neighbor
  • Professional expertise
  • In-kind contributions

Interested? We’re eager to hear from you!