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Community of Opportunity

Tackling on multiple fronts the complex issue of housing for a growing special needs population.

Living the Dream Through the Art of Cleaning

By Denise D. Resnik, Founder & President/CEO I’ve never seen anyone express as much joy cleaning their home as Matt Resnik. While I doubt he actually enjoys the loud vacuuming or quiet dusting, he certainly values checking things off his list. From doing laundry and emptying the dishwasher or trash to cleaning all the counters and doorhandles, Matt meticulously advances

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Newsletter – August 2023

2023 Symposium Gathering Steam Reserve your seat for the 12th First Place Global Leadership Institute Symposium on October 18, 19 and 20! The 2023 event is on track to be one of the biggest and most energizing yet. You’ll hear from compelling speakers on such topics as inclusive community building and neurodiverse relationships. You’ll gain access to decades of research.

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How Far Will We Go to Plug In?

By Denise D. Resnik, Founder & President/CEO Recharging. It’s something we do daily and in a variety of ways. Consider the lengths to which we’ll go as we plug in our computers, phones or watches to avoid missing a message or a call. We’re also willing to go the extra mile to plug in cars or in search of caffeine

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Newsletter – July 2023

First Place–Phoenix Hits 5-Year Mark July marks First Place–Phoenix’s fifth anniversary since our front doors opened (as did our collective arms) to welcome adults with autism and other neurodiversities and their families to a whole new way of living. Not even in our wildest dreams could we have imagined how these five years would change so many lives—and what a

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Flipping Our Wig for the Greater Good

By Denise D. Resnik, Founder & President/CEO Flip one’s wig (v.): To react to something, good or bad, with strong emotion Matt loves my hair. Always has. He likes playing with the curls, sticking his nose in them for a whiff and making sure they’re lying on his pillow when we snuggle. While Matt never cared for the wig I

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The Unexpected Road to Ireland

By Denise D. Resnik, Founder & President/CEO Plans for an eight-day trip to Ireland as part of my immersive experience as a Virginia G. Piper Fellow hit big snags in Newark this past weekend. They included flight cancellations, limited routes to Shannon and, even as I write, the unresolved issue of lost luggage upon our unexpected early return to Phoenix. In many ways,

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