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Tess Burleson, CPA, MBA

First Place Board Secretary; TGen Chief Operating Officer and TGen Health Ventures President

Tess Burleson, CPA, MBA, is TGen’s COO and president of TGen Health Ventures. In addition to day-to-day operational responsibilities, she works closely with TGen’s board, CEO and scientific director on strategic planning and oversight.

Tess serves as a key link between TGen’s scientific and administrative leadership. She is responsible for commercialization of intellectual property, from initial evaluation to capitalization and divestiture. She also maintains responsibility for key strategic business ventures and high priority collaborations with several clinical partners.

Her career began at KPMG. She then went to work in the healthcare industry, including serving as president of a multi-state clinical research company, as well as chief financial officer of its health system and medical research organization.

Tess has over 20 years of progressive experience in advising and developing key business support operations across a variety of industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical and biomedical R&D.

Tess also has experience in managing investment activities, including auditing; developing and maintaining investment policies; selection of investment advisors and money managers; and ensuring compliance while consistently achieving better returns than relevant benchmarks.

Tess currently serves on various boards of for-profit and nonprofit organizations. She is a licensed CPA with experience in taxation, audit and advisory services.