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Community Life

Resources and recreation for residents of First Place.

A diverse community of pride, purpose and endless possibilities.®

Community life at First Place is robust and vibrant, contributing to residents’ overall quality of life. The First Place Community Life Plan—rooted in our core values of kindness, wellness, personal growth and fun—is guided by the individuals who live here.

Daily Activities

At First Place, shared experiences and collective memories help build an authentic, active community life and culture. Our scheduled weekly activities focus on health, well-being, arts and culture, recreation and community connections. Here’s a sample of what residents can take part in on a monthly basis. 

Cultural Experiences

Quality community life extends far beyond the physical walls of the First Place Apartments as residents step out into the urban Phoenix community, where First Place has cultivated an extended network of supportive relationships with a variety of community partners. These partnerships serve residents by creating welcoming environments and opportunities for employment, education, recreation, health and wellness, arts and culture—and much more! First Place is a hub of activity with the daily comings and goings of residents, including First Place Transition Academy participants, as they head off to work, study, volunteer, shop or recreate.

First Place–Phoenix Outing
Photo Jul 05, 1 57 24 PM
First Place–Phoenix Outing

Kind It Forward

The First Place Kind It Forward campaign is contributing to the community in innovative, exciting ways. We’re thrilled with the enthusiastic and creative participation of residents in volunteer and other community life activities offering ways for them to build skills and, importantly, build relationships. What started as a proactive response to coexisting with and navigating COVID-19 has turned into this fun, creative program. We currently recognize there’s much we CAN’T do, so we’re focused on what we CAN do to support those in need through Kind It Forward “virtual volunteering” projects as we continue to broaden our community of pride, purpose and endless possibilities.

Connected Community


Via LifeLoop, residents can participate by signing up for recreation and entertainment outings, as well as monthly arts and culture, home and lifestyle, and food and culinary events.

Families and guardians can also view upcoming events on LifeLoop. Then they can review what their loved ones attended, as well as accompanying photos.

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Greater Phoenix Connections

Thanks to public, private and charitable support, First Place–Phoenix connects residents to jobs and volunteer work, along with retail, restaurants, recreation, arts and culture, fun and a variety of venues for continuing education.

First to the Table

Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation provided seed funding for a collection of healthy cooking courses for adults with autism and other special abilities to learn independent living skills. First to the Table offers cooking courses at the First Place–Phoenix culinary teaching kitchens, which can be viewed in-home. Special thanks to Cheryl Najafi and Everyday Dishes for kicking off the kitchen and cooking lessons, and to Great Scott Productions for the films.

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