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Baylee Barradas Scholarship


Scholarships are available to eligible applicants to cover a portion of the private pay cost of the Transition Academy Program. The scholarships awarded are applied as a credit to the cost of the program.

Award Criteria

  1. Eligibility requirements to apply for 2021 First Place® AZ Baylee Barradas Scholarship – Partial Award:
    • Complete initial program application.
    • Complete SARRC program interview.
    • Meet admission requirements.
    • Receive program acceptance letter.
    • Verify financial need.
  2. Each student accepted into the Transition Academy who meets financial need will receive a scholarship application link via email with a due date for completion. (See Student Application Questions listed below.)
  3. Scholarship application review process:
    A panelist each from First Place and SARRC will individually review student responses and score each answer with the scale below, tallying a total for each applicant. Highest possible score is 16 (4 points per question).
    • As a group: tallying total scores per student together
    • Discussion of student motivation exhibited in the SARRC interview (rated 1–minimal to 4–strong)
    • Discussion of overall scores for each student, including motivation score from SARRC interview and arrival at consensus for scholarship award recipients
  4. All applicants will receive an award (confirming scholarship amount) or non-award email. Both emails will confirm program payment requirements.

Interview Rating Scale

1 2 3 4
No evidence supporting a want or need for a program focus areaEvidence of a minimal interest in and motivation for a program focus areaEvidence of motivation for personal achievement in a program focus areaEvidence of strong understanding and strong motivation to achieve personal goals in a program focus area

Annual Review & Reporting Requirements for Scholarship Awards

  1. Student Statement (assisted by SARRC staff)
    • Paragraph highlighting favorite Transition Academy activities and new skills the student has learned throughout the last year
    • Paragraph explaining personal goals for next steps in the program or after graduation
  2. Parent Statement (email request)
    • Paragraph recapping Transition Academy learning experiences during the year and the impact on the student and family
    • Paragraph describing skills learned throughout the year
    • Paragraph explaining the next steps for the student and family specific to employment and independence for the student
  3. Staff Statement (information from the end of spring semester report)

Baylee Barradas Scholarship Application

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Applicant Information

Applicant Name(Required)

Parent/Guardian Information


Student Application Questions

Describe why you would like to attend the Transition Academy by answering the following questions.
(Example: music—attend live music events; gaming—host and attend gaming events; etc.)