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Bags are packed—we’re (almost) ready to go!

Just saying those words gives me a big case of the butterflies! In preparation for this momentous time in our family history, I’ve been reviewing lists upon lists, including reports, goals and objectives and a variety of technology options that will help us pull together Matt’s big, beautiful and complex life in preparation for his upcoming move to First Place–Phoenix.

While his physical bags have yet to be packed with his personal belongings and creature comforts, in my mind’s eye we’ve been packing them for several years. And I’ve been packing a virtual wish-list bag for First Place, too.

Here’s what’s been top-of-mind, especially as First Place–Phoenix opens its doors and welcomes our very first residents (“Firsties!”) this week:

These lists and more are coming together to build our confidence and excitement as we welcome our Firsties and help Matt pack his bags in the weeks ahead!