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Transition Academy Scholarship


Bridge the Gap Scholarship

The First Place® AZ Bridge the Gap Scholarship Fund was established as a needs-based scholarship for incoming students who require financial assistance to bridge the gap in order to attend the Transition Academy. These students are also committed to overall success in the Transition Academy program areas of employment, personal and household management, community engagement and self-determination.

Apply by Friday, June 16, 2020

The scholarship committee will review the submissions and award the 2020 scholarships sometime in June.

We encourage you to apply if you need financial assistance and are motivated to succeed. Best of luck and we look forward to your joining us for the extraordinary journey that awaits you at the First Place Transition Academy!

Committee members will use the scale below to rate each response to the four questions. The total scores from each committee member will then be combined for an overall final score for each application.


No evidence supporting the want or need to participate


Evidence of minimal interest and motivation


Evidence of motivation for personal achievement


Evidence of strong understanding and strong motivation concerning personal goals

First Place® AZ Bridge the Gap Scholarship Fund Application

  • The scholarship committee would like to learn more about you, as well as your motivation and personal goals for attending the Transition Academy.

    In your own words, please answer the following questions. Each answer should include at least four to five sentences.
  • (Examples: doing laundry, cooking dinner, personal budgeting, using public transportation, cleaning your room, etc.)
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