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Transition Academy Scholarship


Transition to First Place!

First Place AZ is pleased to offer scholarships to qualified, incoming Transition Academy participants. Applications, including statements written by applicants and their parent/guardian, are evaluated to determine that all qualifications for eligibility are met. Scholarship funds are limited.

Scholarships are applied for 24 months as a direct credit against rent and program fees for the First Place Transition Academy program. The recipient is responsible for paying the remaining monthly balance. If an individual leaves the program early, the remaining funds will be reallocated in whole or in part to a new participant(s) under the same guidelines.

To remain eligible for the scholarship, the recipient must:

  • Be enrolled in good standing in the First Place Transition Academy.
  • Commit to attending classes, participate in employment and make progress toward graduation.
  • Exhibit integrity, good citizenship and a positive attitude, traits that reinforce the supportive First Place community.

Apply by Monday, June 17, 2019