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Lifelong Networks for Communities of Support

Creating confidence in the future

LNCS (pronounced “links”) is a group of parents and family members of adults with autism and other neurodiversities who are committed to coaching and connecting families to achieve action-oriented outcomes. The goal of LNCS is to help pave the way to more independent and joyful living for individuals—and peace of mind for families.

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Social Media: Source of Connection or Destruction

July 19, 2023    

Play Video about LNCS: Innovative Insights: Designing a Workplace for and with Team Members with Autism - Guest Speaker Tom D'Eri

Innovative Insights:Designing a Workplace for and with Team Members with Autism

April 13, 2023    

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Perspectives on Disability Advocacy & Parenting for Realistic & Collaborative Goal Setting

January 18, 2023    

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The Road from Barriers to Belonging: Changing the Landscape
for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

October 26, 2022    

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Analyzing Inequities Due to Race, Autism and/or Other Neurodiversities

June 22, 2022    

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Supporting Safe & Healthy Relationships

May 16, 2022    

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Overcoming Adversity Through Perseverance

March 2, 2022    


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February 17, 2018