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Desiree Kameka Galloway

Autism Housing Network Director &
Neuro-Inclusive Housing Solutions CEO

Desiree Kameka Galloway serves as director of the Autism Housing Network for the Madison House Autism Foundation and is a recognized disability housing expert. Having visited over 100 residential opportunities and social enterprises across the U.S., she shares victories and learning curves to help others understand supportive housing options, service delivery models and strategies for community development. Her passion is empowering the neurodiverse community to create an exciting, life-affirming future.

Kameka Galloway leads national advocacy efforts on issues of autism in adulthood and the supportive housing crisis that has positively influenced legislation at state and national levels. Having spent more than a decade researching barriers and identifying unique opportunities to increase housing options for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, she provides consultations, offers workshops and facilitates neuro-inclusive housing market analysis for emerging supportive housing development.

The proud co-author and co-editor of the groundbreaking report, A Place in the World: Fueling Housing and Community Options for Adults with Autism and Other Neurodiversities, Kameka Galloway’s work in housing is also included among international academics and professionals. She has been invited to speak on panels at the World Human Rights Cities Forum by UN-Habitat, the United Nations World Autism Awareness Day, Great Minds Coming Together on Autism International Conference, and at the National Institutes of Health to the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) on Autism After 21 and the IACC Housing Taskforce.

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