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360 Health & Wellness®

Aims to establish a continuous spectrum of health within a community framework.

A comprehensive curriculum designed to benefit neurodiverse adults, their families and healthcare professionals

Using a coordinated approach that begins with health and wellness/prevention, the three-course 360 Health & Wellness® curriculum of 10 modules each establishes a continuous health spectrum within a supportive community framework.

Staying Healthy

for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities

Supporting Independence

for families and support providers

Implementing Care

for physicians and other healthcare providers

Top tools 360 Health & Wellness students are using

My Medications Worksheet, My Accommodations, Annual Exam Preparation, My Support Team Worksheet

Important conversations 360 Health & Wellness students are having with their doctor

How to disclose my autism and ask for needed supports

Staying Healthy for Individuals

Learn how to prepare for doctor visits, organize your medical documents and be your own best advocate when it comes to healthcare.
  • 30+ worksheets to build your Peace of Mind Portfolio™
  • Opportunity to discuss best practices with your peers.

Supporting Independence for Families & Support Providers

The Supporting Independence workshop addresses the same topics as Staying Healthy, but content is restructured to provide participants with the tools to empower and support the neurodiverse adults in their lives. Parents and guardians can review their family member’s overall progress—including the accuracy and completion of their worksheets from the Staying Healthy course—and continue to support their independence through self-advocacy.
  • 26+ worksheets and handouts support your loved one.
  • Opportunity to discuss best practices with other families.

Create Your Peace of Mind Portfolio™

A program that enables neurodiverse individuals and their families to gather, organize, store, manage and share your important documents.

Health Management

Communications Support

Connected Community




360 Health & Wellness Contact

If you have questions regarding the 360 Health & Wellness curriculum and Peace of Mind Portfolio, please contact:

Maureen Casey

Director, First Place Global Leadership Institute’s The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Center for Public Policy & Colonel Harland Sanders Center for Applied Research and Creighton Elective Coordinator

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