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Ensuring Resident Quality of Life

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Various surveys are designed for the participation of residents, Transition Academy students/residents and their families throughout the course of an individual’s residence at First Place–Phoenix. These surveys are tailored to each group and are intended to optimize each group’s experiences at First Place.

First Place is constantly working to improve neurodiverse individuals’ living experiences (environment, community engagement, vocational services, etc.). These surveys help tell us how we’re doing and also indicate areas for improvement.

All survey results are confidential and will only be used (anonymously) to provide positive experiences, as well as improve the quality of First Place services for neurodiverse adults on their paths to more independent living.

360 Health & Wellness®

The First Place 360 Health & Wellness® curriculum is a three-course program for neurodiverse adults, their family members/guardians, and medical professionals and students to learn to navigate the complicated world of adult medical care for neurodiverse individuals. As the program moves steadily toward full implementation, pre- and post-surveys are designed for participants to give feedback on what’s working, as well as needed changes/improvements.

Each of the three groups has the opportunity to participate in courses catered to their needs in their particular role(s):

  • Staying Healthy for neurodiverse adults
  • Supporting Independence for their family members/guardians
  • Implementing Care for medical professionals and students

Each course is designed with 10 modules of content and materials. While taught separately, we recommend participants of the Staying Healthy and Supporting Independence take the courses at the same time for optimal results.


Kiip is a digital document storage platform in partnership with First Place to help make medical care easier for neurodiverse adults. This platform allows individuals to store their important medical documents in one place, making them more accessible for appointments and accommodation requests. Kiip is also an effective tool enabling greater self-advocacy when it comes to neurodiverse adults’ medical care management.