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What our families are saying about their First Place experience.

Mike & ChrisParents of a Transition Academy Student
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“When our daughter turned 18, we were distressed to find out that many of the programs, resources and options that had been available to help our minor child on the autistic spectrum, suddenly disappeared. Her strong desire to live as an independent young adult with control over her own life was turning into a source of deep frustration and pain. As her parents, we began feeling helpless and scared.

Thankfully we found First Place. The leadership and staff are very experienced and compassionate. They helped her learn how to manage interpersonal relationships and advocate for herself. They helped her learn the basics of personal finance and job search. She mastered the public transit system and learned how to shop for groceries and cook healthy meals. She attended a community college.

She even learned how to ride a bike!

Since graduating from the two-year program, she is liking herself, living in her own studio apartment and pursuing her dream of becoming an author. First Place not only helped her; it helped our whole family.”
AdrienneBrandon's Mom
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“At First Place, Brandon has gained more skills in time management and learning to balance work, school and household responsibilities. He has also gained more social communication skills at work and with this roommate. I'm also quite proud of Brandon going to work every day and wearing a mask all day during this pandemic. Without the scholarship, Brandon could certainly not have attended the Transition Academy, and he would definitely not be prepared to live independently in a city and get around as he does. This was unthinkable two years ago.”
LaurenFirst Place Resident
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“I’ve lived with my parents all my life... But once I got here, that changed. I am living on my own and I’m doing the things I know how to do. I am empowered and feel like an adult.”
DonnaJenny's Mom
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"Jenny participates in the activities here, she feels very comfortable, very welcome, she doesn’t feel out of place, she feels at home, she loves her apartment, she goes grocery shopping’s, goes speed dating, she goes roller skating on her own. She takes a Lyft all the time.

It’s pretty incredible because every day I would wake up, worrying and guilty, have a ton of bricks on my shoulder, walk around like this. And now, I don’t have any more guilt, there’s no more guilt. I worry a little, I’m calling her a lot, I am the pain mom, but the guilt is gone. My shoulders are down, I breath, and before when it was like “oh no what’s next” but now it’s like “wow, what’s next!” SO, it’s really cool, it’s really cool."